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Where does Western transphobia stem from? Where did the gender binary come from? Is gender a social construct? 

These were the questions I sought to answer in my year-long Capstone Project. Below is a catalog of the research I conducted and the products I created throughout the year. 


Research Paper 

In this paper, I investigate the scientific and historical side of being transgender. Click to learn more. 

I held a showing of the film Tomboy, about a young child who experiments with gender. Click to learn more. 

I made a short film to express my feelings as a transgender person. Click to learn more. 

Short Film 

Global Studies Evening 

On May 20, 2019, I presented on a small aspect of my research at Global Studies evening. I dispelled some liberal and conservative beliefs about what it means to be transgender from a scientific and logical standpoint. Watch my presentation below. 


Other Related Work  


I created this piece as part of my independent study. It explores gender in stereotypes. My goal was to sculpt the body in the style of exaggerated Greek sculptures, but with the anatomy of a transgender man. 


All-School Awareness 

For Transgender Awarensss Week, I made announcements at All-School to educate the community on transgender rights in the United States. 


Below are some articles on the recent attempts to revoke trans protections under Title IX, and to redefine gender as scientific and unchangeable. 

This documentary is on Netflix, and it explores gender identity in an accessible way. It familiarizes people with the trans community, and explores gender identity in other cultures. It also outlines how being transgender is grounded in science, which is a fairly new discovery. I reccomend this documentary for anyone who is interested in gaining a baseline knowledge of the trans community. 

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