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In 2010, I was one of 10 recipiants of a $10,000 scholarship for voulenteer work. 

A Hartford Courant article about me. 

A Redbook article about me and my mom. 

In addition, I have been in The New Yorker, Prevention Magazine, Reader's Digest, the cover-story for Women's Day Magazine and in the print Hartford Courant multiple times. 

This year, I worked with WomenHeart to provide free health screenings for women at Burlington Coat Factory. These included blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesteral, and more. We gave out information bags to educate women about heart health. 

I was featured in the WomenHeart newslettur in April of this year. Click below to see the article! 


I have also been to a number of political protests. I played protest music on the steps of the State Capitol at the Hartford Women's March. I believe that music is a powerful tool, I often connect my musical life to Global Studies. 

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